Porsche Clearwater

Location: Clearwater, FL
Square Footage: 24,000 sf
Completion Date: Summer 2021
Scope of Work: New Showroom

Suncoast Team Services facilitated the design-build process to tailor a 24,000 sf Porsche dealership to meet the operational needs of our client.  This is the first project in which we’ve implemented cutting edge BIM Technology to produce 3D renderings of construction drawings to support coordination in the field.  The use of BIM Technology during construction allows us to build more effectively and to minimize the cost of construction for our client.  Estimated completion in late Summer 2021.

Courtesy Palm Harbor Honda

Location: Palm Harbor, FL
Square Footage: 46,000 sf
Completion Date: Fall 2021
Scope of Work: New Showroom

What has been an abandoned warehouse and eye sore for years, we’re transforming this building into a stylish and elegant addition to the city of Palm Harbor.  Selective demolition allows us to preserve elements of the existing infrastructure while ridding the property of everything else.  Identifying ways to reuse existing construction allows us to cut down on our client’s construction cost and time.  Estimated completion Fall 2021.

Crown Honda Renovation

Location: Pinellas Park, FL
Completion Date: August 2020
Scope of Work: Design-Build

The expansion and renovation of Crown Automotive Group’s existing Honda facility will include showroom interior and exterior renovation to Honda’s Gen3 design requirements, 10,000+ square foot expansion of the Service Area, addition of air-conditioning to the existing Service Area, a new fully-automatic car wash facility, the installation of box culverts in an existing drainage ditch to allow 50 additional parking spaces on-site, and the incorporation of an adjacent parcel to provide an additional 120 parking spaces on-site.

Subaru of Daytona

Location: Daytona, FL
Square Footage: 28,000 sf
Completion Date: October 2019
Scope of Work: New Showroom

Built only a few miles from the beach, we had to make sure all key components of construction can withstand hurricane force winds and can endure the corrosive environment that wreaks havoc on buildings nearby the ocean.  A key architectural element of this building is the curved front entry of the dealership made almost entirely of glass.  It’s easy to select building materials that can withstand harsh environments, but it takes a great team to put them all together in a way that looks good!

Dyer Kia

Location: Lake Wales, FL
Square Footage: 29,000 sf
Completion Date: July 2019
Scope of Work: Design-Build

Suncoast’s first project with the Dyer Automotive Group will develop a new 20 acre site for the relocation of the Dyer Kia dealership to a new 29,000 sf Kia Core Branded facility as they expand into the Central Florida area. The site was also master-planned for a future dealership.

Courtesy Toyota

Location: Brandon, FL
Square Footage: 92,500 sf
Completion Date: January 2019
Scope of Work: Design-Assist

This project will redevelop Asbury Automotive Group’s existing 18 acre site by replacing seven buildings with one single 92,500 sf facility, automatic car wash and in excess of 1,200 spaces while sales and service operations are maintained throughout construction. Suncoast coordinated and provided feedback on site design, building design and construction budgets throughout the design process to ensure an effective and efficient facility.

Courtesy Collision Center

Location: Brandon, FL
Square Footage: 31,400 sf
Completion Date: December 2018
Scope of Work: Design-Assist

The project will relocate Asbury Automotive Group’s existing collision center located on the Courtesy Toyota site to a new site less than one mile away to continue to service Asbury’s Toyota facility.

Crystal Harley-Davidson

Location: Homosassa, FL
Completion Date: August 2018
Scope of Work: Design-Build

The new Crystal Harley-Davidson welcomes riders to a state of the art, yet warm and rustic facility with heavy timber trusses starting at the large entry canopy and extending into the showroom. It will surely become a destination for Harley fans from far and wide.

Crown Eurocars

Location: Pinellas Park, FL
Square Footage: 55,000 sf
Completion Date: March 2018

The new Crown Eurocars facility relocates one of Crown Automotive Group’s long-standing premium brands.  The new facility is designed to meet Mercedes-Benz’s Autohaus2 design guidelines and includes the AMG Image Program, expansive two-story showroom, signature blade wall, fully air-conditioned service facility and a fully-automatic car wash.

Bert Smith BMW

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Completion Date: July 2016

Suncoast was the design-builder, in conjunction with Cooper Johnson Smith architects, for the newly renovated Bert Smith BMW dealership in St. Petersburg. Both the interior and exterior were extensively remodeled in order to showcase BMW’s new corporate identity program and retail strategy, including the prominent i Platform.